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Quality Services
• Lusona make multi-spindle automatic coil winding m/c.
• Technomix make multi-spindle coil winding m/c.
• Motorized heavy-duty coil winding m/c.-6 Nos.
• Motorized light-duty coil winding m/c.-3 Nos.
• Baking Oven (4' X 4' X 4' - 5 KW)
• Vacuum Impregnation Plant
• Automatic Engraving m/c. (Pentagon)
• Drilling m/c. (3 PH - 1" capacity)
• Pallet truck (2000 Kg)
• Floor crane (Capacity 1000 Kg)
List of Testing Equipments
• 3 PH continuously variable power supply. With 60 Amp 3 PH variac, 3 nos. digital ammeter & digital voltmeter
• 1 PH continuously variable power supply. With 10 Amp 1 PH variac, digital voltmeter and digital ammeter.
• 3 PH Watt- loss measuring test jig for No load (core loss) and full load (copper loss)
• High Voltage Flash Tester (0 to 5 kv)
• Insulation tester Megger (1000 Volts - DC)
• Digital milli-ohm meter.
• LCR meter
• 40 V-400A, 3PH Loading Transformer
• 24V- 100A, 1 PH Loading Transformer
Quality Policy
We ensure that our products meet customer specifications and satisfy their needs and expectations. We achive this through active involvement of all our employees to maintain effective Quality Management System for continual improvement.
Quality Objective
Our objective is continual improvement for customer satisfaction by :
• Complete understanding of customer requirements.
• Delivery of defect - free products on time end every time.
• Minimum rejection & customer complaint.
Quality System
Our products are 100% tested for all electrical parameters
• Ratio Test
• Open Circuit Test (core loss)
• Short Circuit Test (Cu loss)
• Insulation Resistance
• High Voltage Flash Test
• Temperature Rise
• Load Regulation
• Efficiency
Test - Report is Provided along with every supply on request.
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